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We should all be feminists

Fighting for visibility

Disabled women and girls represent 16% of the European Union’s female population, but they remain invisible to society. According to UN Women, girls and women with disabilities face a higher risk of violence than those without disabilities. They are subjected to gender and disability stereotypes and have a higher risk of unemployment, which leads to poverty and social exclusion. In Greece, a study conducted by Magoulios (2012) showed that disabled women encounter more discriminations in the job market and their number of unemployment is higher than in men. They are perceived to be incapable of fulfilling the essential role that defines their gender, that of being a nurturer, thus, creating a sense of worthlessness for themselves. Unrealistic beauty stereotypes exacerbate their feelings of self-deprecation.

Feminist disabilities advocate. French/English teacher who is passionate about integrating the visual arts into language teaching and women’s rights